I love Dogs

I really really love dogs. I actually treat them as a baby, someone who's part of the family. Im proud to say that we have the cutest dog ever. A female pappilon and a male shitzu, namely betty and armand. We've named them from ABS-CBNs tv series I Love Betty La Fia.

The news is we've put their photos at ILoveDogTV facebook account. It's the new show for dog lovers at GMA news tv / channel 25 here in the Philippines. The screening of the show is on saturdays @ 10am which runs for half an hour. They've been showing photos of cute dogs on the show. These are chosen photos from their facebook account wall. So, we post some photos of armand and betty there and walla... the've added it on there account photos.
armand and betty (first 5 photos)

Were so excited to see our pets photo this saturday. Hope you'll see them too. Or better post your pets' photo at http://www.facebook.com/ilovedogTV.

these were old photos of armand and betty

more photos HERE



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