The Seven E's of Love

Hi, allow me to share to you what I've think are the positive effects of being in a truly healthy relationship, of really being in love. Let's call theme the Seven E's.

The Seven E's

1. Energy . . .  Truly being in love will energize you physically, mentally, and emotionally.
2. Enthusiasm . . . A healthy relationship creates a healthy and enthusiastic attitude toward life.
3. Excitement and optimism for the future . . . When you are happy and in love today, you look forward to tomorrow with excitement.
4. Esteem and self-confidence . . . A good relationship will support you in feeling high self-esteem.
5. Emotional Generosity . . . When you feel loved, it is easy to share that fullness of heart with those around you, and to become very loving and giving.
6. Ease in being oneself . . . When a relationship is supportive, you will find it easy to be yourself around your partner, your friends, and in all circumstances.
7. Emotional Relaxation . . . When you feel well loved, your whole being relaxes, filling you with a deep sense of peace of heart and mind. 

Base on my experience, the Seven E's will develope overtime in a truly healthy and growing relationship. Yet love thrives only under certain conditions. I've learned that, in order to stay in love, you must consciously create those conditions necessary for love to grow. Then you will naturally behave in ways to stay in love.

Now tell me, are you in love?

Treating the Symptoms and Ignoring the Disease?

Many couples had been together for seven or more long years, wherein the first few years were exciting, loving, and full of growth. Then their relationship seemed to stagnate. They become bored with each other and accumulated deep feelings of resentment and anger. They both felt the other person had let them down, because they weren't fulfilled.

Yet some couples decided that their relationship is/was worth saving, so they'll went on a campaign to fix it. They may bought every book they could find on making love work and tried everything the books recommended. Some may even tried taking separate vacations, and more even tried starting a hobbies together. Much even worst is, some tried having affairs with other partners. Yet, nothing worked, and they ended up right back where they had started, only a lot more frustrated. You may say, "we must have a dead relationship," "we love each other, but we're not in love anymore."

A lot of book about relationships will tell you that in order to stay in love you should practice certain activities or behaviors the book tells you. All these actions are possible effects of being in love. But love is more than giving the appearance of love. What the books tells you then, is creating the symptoms of being in love. You weren't feeling the real thing - they / you were acting as if they / you were feeling it. That is why all the efforts failed. 

 I Hope that You will not experience what this song is telling you...

the big question is:
Are You Treating the Symptoms and Ignoring the Disease in Your Relationship?