Japan's Computer Generated Pop Star

By Joanna Douglas, Shine staff

Remember that 2002 movie called “S1m0ne” with Al Pacino where he created a computer generated actress and fooled people into thinking she was real? The plot seemed very far fetched at the time, but now a similar thing has actually happened! Japans famous 61-member pop group AKB48 (they hold the Guinness World Record for being the "Pop group with the greatest number of members) recently introduced a new member, a 16-year-old girl named Aimi Eguchi, who starred in a new Japanese candy commercial. Only it turns out she wasn't real. PC Mag is reporting that she was created by using the “best” features of her band mates—the eyes of one girl, nose of another, and so on—and digitally constructing her on a computer.

The girl in this video is 100% computer generated. Seriously

Girls loved Aimi Eguchi and guys even developed crushes on her. But some folks in Japan got suspicious when they realized Eguchi’s name was derived from the candy brand’s name, Ezaki Gilco, and that she and the candy company shared the same birthday February 11. With Japanese fans feeling very confused, Aimi Equchi’s creators made a video explaining that she was not a real girl, but a creation they made.

Now we see how they did it, but we still have a few questions. In a band of 61 girls, why create a fake one to promote a product? Clearly for the gimmick and publicity (see, it’s working right now!). But with airbrushing tools already “perfecting” real women in photos, the concept of “perfect” computer generated ladies really freaks us out! It was a cool experiment, but let’s hope these artificially made ladies don’t catch on and start putting real actors out of work.

Now that you see how she was made, watch Aimi Eguchi's candy ad below.



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